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Higher Expectations In Every Hire


The Hire Group LLC

Dedicated to facilitating top-level recruiting and job placement in a variety of professional industries.

Backed by decades of combined experience, The Hire Group utilizes our vast network to place professionals in their next position. Understanding the nuances and challenges of placing great people in great jobs, we work to further the success of both companies and jobseekers.

We specialize in placing everyone from executives and management personnel to engineers. Working within a variety of industries such as engineering, technology, finance, and healthcare, we have established a dependable network of both candidates and hiring experts. Our solutions include Contract & Consultation Services, Permanent Placements, and Project Services.

Our passion lies in promoting the military community jobseekers transitioning into the civilian workforce. With more than half a century of combined experience, our knowledgeable team offers creative, tailor-made staffing solutions. We’ve created thousands of mutually-beneficial career connections, helping HR personnel quickly find professionals and assisting expert candidates augment their career.

If you are seeking information regarding hiring solutions, please email us at If you are seeking assistance with job placement, please email us at You can also connect with us by telephone at 443.717.1618