JOB PURPOSE: The Director of Nursing is responsible for the management, supervision and delivery of clinical care services for all residents/patients.

• Plans, develops, organizes, implements and evaluates all nursing services for residents/patients ensuring the highest standard of care.
• Effectively oversees and supervises all nursing personnel to ensure delivery of service is clinically appropriate.
• Maintains expenses within the budget guidelines of nursing services. Prepared budget for Administrator approval.
• Maintains appropriate staffing levels within budget guidelines to ensure the highest quality of care delivery. Maintain supplies within budget guidelines to ensure needs are met.
• Monitors with daily rounds to ensure that all nursing services are being delivered in a professional manner according to policy and procedures.
• Responsible for the approval of all admissions meeting clinical criteria for appropriate admission.
• Ensures that all personnel involved in providing resident care meet resident rights for all resident/patients.
• Administers and oversees all disciplinary action within the Nursing Department.
• Effectively produces annual performance reviews that are accurate and maintained timely with current active credentials for each job requirement.
• Effectively maintains an active QI program for the Nursing Department that coordinates with the overall facility QI program.
• Meets all assigned deadlines as assigned by Administrator, attends all meetings/programs as directed by Administrator. Alerts Administrator to potential issues or problems.
• Maintains appropriate attendance adhering to supervisory requirements as directed by Administrator.
• Completes annual compliance and HIPAA training and exhibits behavior as set forth by the LSMNJ Code of Ethics and Business Integrity in the performance of duties.
• Adheres to the Organization’s Policies and Procedures regarding the Compliance Program of the organization and is timely in reporting any possible concerns.

• NJ RN Licensure
• Minimum 3 years in an Assistant Director of Nursing or Director of Nursing role
• Must have worked in a geriatric skilled nursing environment
• Graduate of accredited School of Professional Nursing