JOB PURPOSE: The Full Stack Developer will provide core development across multi-generational software products.

Develop, test, integrate, and build quality code across front-end, API, and database layers
Assess and create code for security, design, and reusability across a dispersed development team
Translate business and UX design elements into implementation
Recommend appropriate technical design for a given feature or project
Investigate and resolve production issues during off-hours and weekends, as directed

4+ years of demonstrable experience developing with or utilizing the following:
• Node/Javascript (ES6)
• CI/CD (gulp, Gitlab, etc)
• PostgresSQL/ORM, or equivalent
• Angular 1, Bootstrap
• AWS / EC2
Familiarity with the following:
• Asynchronous methodologies (promises and callbacks)
• Prototypical inheritance
• ESLint/JSDoc usage
• OpenAPI/Swagger documentation or similar
• Project management tools such as Jira
• Stateless architectures