• Works with cross-functional teams to identify and implement most effective and efficient logistics process improvements.
• Conducts cross-functional meetings in support of initiatives to develop key measures of success and monitor performance against these measures.
• Develops and maintains engineered standards, standard operating procedures, and Labor Reporting system for resident CFC.
• Works with resident operations team to develop labor reporting.
• Performs work measurement analysis using time studies or predetermined motion time systems to develop optimal process.
• Generates process layouts to facilitate best practices and proper flow in work area.
• Develops and documents “Standard Cost Data” for use in process improvement analysis.
• Performs cost-benefit analysis to evaluate financial feasibility of potential process improvements.

• A Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
• 1 – 3 years engineering experience in a distribution environment
• Experience in implementing and maintaining work measurement systems
• A valid driver’s license and the ability to travel about 20%
• Experience with engineered standards development tools